Top 10 Best Mattresses

Having a great night’s sleep is one of the ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A quality mattress provides the comfort needed for a good sleep. However, there are several mattress brands on the market today making it even difficult for buyers to choose the best ones.
However, with a simple buying guide, you can easily choose the best mattress for your needs. Choosing the mattress requires an understanding of the unique features the mattresses have to offer. The decent look and promises of sound sleep may deceive you when you are shopping for a mattress.

We have identified a list of the top 10 best mattresses of 2020 based on their high-end specification and customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Best Mattresses

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#1. SWEETNIGHT Breeze 12-Inch King Mattress

1. King Mattress,

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Are you unable to enjoy your sleep because of the heat, airflow, or movement of your partner? Well, SWEETNIGHT 12-Inch Mattress made of 3 layers allows you to sleep comfortably without any disturbance.
It has 3-inch Gel-infused memory foam, thus able to adjust and accommodate your weight. Also, its 3.5-inch airflow foam design enhances air circulation. Furthermore, it has a 5.5-inch high-density foam making it the best mattresses for back pain.

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● Gel Memory Foam
● No toxic chemicals
● Three layers of the zone system


#2. AVENCO 10-Inch King Mattress

2. King Mattress, Avenco 10 Inch King Size

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AVENCO uses the current sleep technology that enables them to produce the best mattresses for side sleepers. With a 1.18-inch Gel Memory Foam, which regulates mattress temperature, you’ll sleep comfortably during hot and cold seasons.
Again, its 3.5-inch Airflow High-density Foam reduces body pressure, thereby proving a suitable sleeping surface. It’s designed with a 1.82-inch Comfort Foam that enhances your comfort and protects you from back pain.

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● High-density base support foam
● Double airflow wave-shaped layers
● Support pressure and temperature


#3. SWEETNIGHT 10-Inch Plush Pillow Queen Mattress

3. Sweetnight Twilight

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The mattress gel memory layer is capable of adjusting to body temperature and inhibiting parasite and bacterial growth. SWEETNIGHT 10-Inch is also designed with an innerspring that evenly distributes your entire weight so that there is motion isolation.
The pillow-top cover is also made with safe materials that allow air circulation. SWEETNIGHT will deliver the best mattress in a box that fits any in bed design. Meanwhile, it’s the best mattress having manageable costs.

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● Individually wrapped innerspring
● Gel memory foam
● Knit-pillow top cover


#4. SWEETNIGHT 12-Inch Queen Mattress

4. Sweetnight Queen Mattress

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3-Zone Pocket Spring ensures a night of peaceful sleep as it distributes your bodyweight evenly. Also, the springs are made of carbon steel to resist deformation and rust. Its 775 coils individually-wrapped innerspring ensure pressure relief thus preventing back pain
This is the best mattress for deep sleep features Gel Memory Foam, which adapts to the mattress’s changing pressure and temperature. Additionally, its foam is skin-friendly and free from toxic materials.

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● 3-Zone Pocket spring
● 12-inch mattress
● Fit all Queen size frames


#5. SWEETNIGHT Breeze 10-Inch Queen Mattress

5.Queen Mattress

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The mattress is made of 3-zone layers that aim at three significant points of your body that exacts the most pressure. Also, the 1.79-inch Gel Memory Foam top layer automatically absorbs pressure and temperature to improve the sleeping condition.
Enjoy long-term usage due to 3.94-inch Supportive high-density base foam. 3.94-inch Zoned airflow prevents motion disturbance, thus improving sleep in any position. 10-Inch Queen Size mattress

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● 30-day return policy
● Infused Gel Memory Foam
● 3-zone layers


#6. SWEETNIGHT 10-Inch Queen Mattress

6.Sweetnight Queen Mattress


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SWEETNIGHT 10-Inch Queen Mattress is a flippable mattress in which you can sleep on either side. First, the top layer made of 2-inch Gel memory Foam prevents motion transfer and regulates temperature. Secondly, its 5-inch Comfort Foam will retain the body pressure, thus ensuring your body is balanced.
Thirdly, a 3-inch High-density foam on the bottom ensures performance while increasing durability. Also, it enhances edge support and overcomes the effects of roll-off and sagging. Lastly, its foam is free foam toxic bearing in mind that SWEETNIGHT provides the best mattress deals

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● Flippable queen mattresses
● 4-layered and zoned Foam design
● 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam


#7. AVENCO 12-Inch Full Size Mattress

7. Full Size Mattress

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AVENCO mattress is designed with a 3-inch Gel Memory Foam that naturally regulates the temperature by reducing respiration and sweating. Furthermore, the 3.5-inch Airflow High-density Foam reduces your body pressure evenly. AVENCO uses CertiPUR-US foam, which is Healthwise safe.
With a 2-inch Comfort Foam, you can say goodbye to back pain and a sleepless night. Besides being the best mattresses for back pain, it’s also a skin-friendly mattress due to the flexibility it offers. The mattress is a means to comfort and reduce pressure as you enjoy a sound sleep without disturbance.

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● Warp knitting fabric cover
● Gel-infused foam
● Four layers of CertiPUR-US foam


#8. TEMPUR-PEDIC 3-Inch California King Mattress

8.Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme

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TEMPUR-PEDIC 3-Inch mattress is the best mattress topper with 3-inch memory foam, which conforms to your body for the best sleeping experience. Also, you can easily wash the cover and elimination diets and allergens. It’s a multipurpose topper that can be used in guest rooms or dooms to enhance comfort.
TEMPUR-PEDIC uses long-lasting and durable material that ensures your mattress will serve you longer than the standard mattress. Besides, the mattress will evenly distribute your body weight to provide a suitable sleeping surface.

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● Comes with a washable cover
● Durable and reliable
● Multipurpose mattress


#9. BEST PRICE MATTRESS 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

9. Best Price Mattress 12 Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress

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BEST PRICE MATTRESS is designed with super memory foam that conforms to your body shape. Moreover, the pressure relief system removes all the active pressure points, thus enhancing your sleep. Also, it’s CERTIPUR-US certified to ensure high performance.
The three layers work together to ensure you have a sound sleep. The layers include a 3-inch soft-pressure relief foam, 2.5-memory foam, and 6.5-inch high-density base for support. Again, the poly jacquard cover is perfectly designed to ensure comfort whenever you are sleeping

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● Non-Slip Bottom
● Three layers for comfort
● 12-inch twin mattress


#10. LINENSPA 10-Inch Medium Feel Hybrid Mattress

10. Linenspa 10 Inch Memory

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The combination of hypoallergenic memory foam and innerspring mattress enables the mattress to have a medium feel. Also, the mattress features thick memory foam layers that will allow your body to spread evenly on the mattress. Thereby managing your pressure and improving quality of sleep.
Furthermore, the comfort layer carries a 2.5-inch form comfort layer, thus being the best mattress for side sleepers. The 1.5-inch Quilted Memory Foam uses as a cover, making it the best mattress Reddit.

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● Thick memory foam layer
● Innerspring mattress
● 10-Inch mattress


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